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4.4.2018 Eater feautures Menya Ultra as top 5 Ramen in the United States
4.3.2018 The Zimmern List on Travel Channel has San Diego episode tonight 9/8c !
4.3.2018 New Limited Edition Menu Mazemen is out!
3.27.2018 1year Anniversary Event Started!
3.26.2018 Eater San Diego featured Menya Ultra Ramen To Debut Anniversary Dish
3.01.2018 Union Tribune featured Menya Ultra as San Diego's top spots for ramen
1.26.2018 Limited time offer! Brased Chashu Miso Ramen started!
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7.18.2017 Andrew Zimmern and Travel Channel's film crew came to Menya Ultra
6.23.2017 Eater San Diego posted our Video making fresh noodle.
June,July Yelp featured Menya Ultra as 1st list on Ramen San Diego
June Zagat featured Menya Ultra as Hottest Restaurant in San Diego
5.30.2017 Limited Edition Cold Noodles are out!
May Zagat has featured Menya Ultra as Hot and New Places in San Diego
April, May Yelp Futured Menya Ultra as 1st list of Hot and New Business San Diego
3.1.2017 NBC7 San Diego featured Menya Ultra
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3.1.2017 San Diego Town came to Menya Ultra


1year anniversary event started!
Thank you for your continued support. We sold more than 80,000 ramen in first year! We are not here without local ramen lovers! To celebrate the first year anniversary, we are giving away 20 stickers a day for couple weeks. Original Ajitama T-shirts will be out at restaurant. Next week, we will make more exiting announcements. Stay Tune!


Oodles of noodles: San Diego's top spots for ramen
Menya Ultra came in first place by a country mile with local ramen lovers. The credit goes to its noodles, made in-house twice daily with wheat flour imported from Hokkaido, Japan. Menya noodles are known for a distinctive sweet wheat scent, smooth texture and springy consistency. ...Read More


Limited Offer! Brazed Chashu Miso Ramen
Limited 10 bowls/a day, 5 for lunch, 5 for dinner. This limited edition of seared chashu is thick, juicy and tender. YOU MUST TRY THIS. It's so delicious!
Soup : Special recipe of pork broth, housemade Miso, fish flavored oil and garlic oil.
Topping : 3 slices of brazed pork chashu, boiled bean sprouts, green onion, grated ginger and red pepper.
Also, our dinner hours will extend from this weekend! We will be open 11-2pm 5:30pm-9pm.


Best Ramen Restaurants in San Diego
What’s Hot in San Diego: Menya Ultra Warm up with a bowl of goodness Best-Ramen-Restaurants-in-San-Diego San Diego has been going through this popular food movement with bursting Ramen shops all over the county these past few years. Ramen is a classic Japanese dish served with wheat noodles and toppings like meat and vegetables in a long-simmered broth. And this “Ultra” delicious Ramen house in Kearny Mesa has been consistently drawing crowds ever since it opened in March 2017....Read More


San Diego’s Eater Awards Winners 2017
Restaurant of the Year - Menya Ultra Ramen
Ramen is ramen is ramen, right? It was until the arrival of Menya Ultra Ramen, the first stateside restaurant for Japanese master chef Takashi Endo, who channels more than 20 years of ramen-making experience into crafting a bowl that is unlike any other. One of the few restaurants in San Diego that consistenly draws crowds throughout the day, this humble ramen shop has sold over 60,000 bowls of ramen ...Read More


The World's Best Ramen Chef Eats The World's Worst Ramen
In this episode of Food Quest, Chris heads over to Menya Ultra to try the multiple award winning ramen from Chef Endo! Chef Endo has won multiple awards for the best Ramen and it's easy to see(taste) why! Plus we found out that Chef Endo has never tried these Instant Noodles, so we had to make him a bowl. It's not every day that you get to make a meal for a master chef. Read More


吃啥fun~北海道遇上聖地牙哥——麺屋 Menya Ultra Ramen
麺屋 Menya Ultra Ramenn就是這樣一家在聖地牙哥的北海道style拉麺店。已經在日本多次取得拉麺比賽獎的Menya Ultra今年悄悄地登陸聖地牙哥,帶給我們正宗的北海道喜多方拉麺。他們特別選用了北海道空運來的小麥面粉每天新鮮生產出和北海道本店一樣的拉麺。而在湯底方面他們選用了豬骨小魚干混合,經過長時間的熬煮讓最后的湯底是美好的奶白色。Read More


Andrew Zimmern Says This Is The Best Ramen Spot In America
For years, we've been chasing the best bowl of tonkotsu ramen here in the United States. It seems we found a pretty big lead in the search, as world-acclaimed food travel host and chef Andrew Zimmern dropped some major ramen praise. A recent visit to Menya Ultra prompted Andrew Zimmern to exclaime that the: Best tonkatsu ramen in America might just be in San Diego! This praise should not be taken lightly as Zimmern himself has been around the block a few times.The culinary authority has hosted such Travel Channel series' as Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods America, and Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World...Read More


Limited Offer! Cold TantanMen -ended 10/7/2017
Summer time has come! Try our favorite Tantan Men with cold noodles. Our original noodles, they are made from Haru-Yo-Koi wheat flour, has springy and smooth texture you ever had. Served with seasoned minced pork, cucumber, tomato, onion, roasted sesame seeds, ginger, chili oil and red pepper. You can also order without meat as Cold Vegetarian Ramen or you can add extra meat of "Paiko" to make your Cold Paiko Tantantan Men.


Lighthouseサンディエゴ版 2017年5月号に掲載 READ MORE


NBC San Diego: New, Must-Try Japanese Ramen
There were many new, delicious additions to San Diego’s dining scene this week – including must-try Japanese ramen. But we also can’t ignore that our hearts broke when Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles postponed its plans to expand to San Diego. Eater San Diego shares these stories and other top news of the week from our local food and drink scene. Award-Winning Japanese Ramen Arrives in Kearny Mesa Menya Ultra, a well-known Japanese ramen concept, has just opened its first shop in the United States, right in Kearny Mesa. Specializing in pork tonkotsu ramen, the eatery's owner and chef has developed a signature type of noodle made with special flour from Japan, and is making noodles daily for the San Diego eatery. The owner has plans to open multiple locations in San Diego before expanding across the country. Read More


今年2月にオープンした行列のできるラーメン屋さん。 美味しく、しかも健康にこだわり、添加物を使用しない日本から直送された北海道産小麦粉 「春よ恋」で、毎日麺を作ります。 スープも勿論化学調味料は入っておらず、自然の素材ならではの旨みを使ったこだわりラーメンの味です。 「味はあくまでも自分の味を貫いていますが、お陰様で現地のアメリカ人の方にもご好評いただいております。これからも、味を変えることなく、<本物の日本の味>をお届けしたい」と遠藤社長の心意気が伝わる真剣なラーメン屋さんです。 サンディエゴタウン ラーメン特集 Read More


New Arrival Menya Ultra Might Be San Diego’s Best Ramen
Ramen master Takashi Endo has arrived in town from Japan bearing his award-winning ramen, which just might be San Diego’s best yet. The chef, who opened his first ramen shop in 1994 in Akita, a prefecture in Japan’s Tohoku region, now operates nine ramen eateries in Japan and two in Taiwan, all with varying menus. His 12th shop, which just debuted in Kearny Mesa, is Endo’s first outside Asia. The new San Diego location of his Menya Ultra concept revolves around ramen made with long-simmered pork tonkotsu broth, a silky umami-laden MSG-free soup that’s the base for the restaurant’s classic tonkotsu ramen, miso ramen and tantan men, a Chinese-influenced ramen topped with a fried pork or chicken cutlet...Read More