1st Anniversary Event (3/27-)

new menu New Menu from 4/3!
Mazemen is the "dry" style of ramen you never had! Mixed it, and eat it while it's hot!
Limited 10/day 5 Lunch, 5 Dinner.
You can order as no meat vegetarian. We also has secret menu now for Vegan too. Please ask your server.

ramen head movie

San Diego! Watch San Diego Episode of The Zimmern List at Travel Channel from 9pm/8c tonight! Andrew Zimmern and his film crews came to Menya Ultra when they film the episode last July. We might be in the episode...? Stay Tune!!! #sandiego #california #zimmernlist
Travel Channel The Zimmern LIst San Diego Upcoming Airings

ramen head movie
We have 3 pair tickets for Ramen Heads Movie starting 4/6 to 4/12 at Landmark Ken Cinema!
Enter the contest through Menya ULtra Facebook page to win tickets!
Contest ends 4/5 Thursday! Ramen Heads is an docmentary about ramen master Mr Tomita, Mr Endo's friend, he takes us into his kitchen and deep into his world, revealing the secrets of every step of his obsessive process, sharing recipes, trade secrets and flavor philosophies. It sold out shows in SF/Berkeley/Santa Barbara and DC. Don't missed it!! Click here to buy tickets

menya ultra ramen ajitama Tshirt menya ultra 1 year Anniversary